Music isn't something Jacob Miller "decided" to do – he never had a choice. The Beatles, Stevie wonder, Fleetwood Mac and other music royalty took him captive as a child and still hold the keys to his soul.


At first listen, there's something familiar in Jacob's soulful, seemingly effortless delivery – a confidence and passion usually heard only in a select, seasoned few. This can probably be partially attributed to the musical household in which he was raised. The family "sing-a-long" – each of his younger siblings with their respective harmony part – was his daily soundtrack for life. Picking up the guitar at age 10 opened up the door to what was sure to be his destiny.


Throughout his high school years, Jacob experimented with different genres of music, gaining quite a following as a key member of a heavy metal band. Gradually he settled into the more melodic, acoustic-laced, pop melodies that come most naturally to him. He kept busy playing nonstop, writing and recording demos of his songs.


In the fall of 2014, the opportunity opened up to record with long time family friend and award-winning producer, Michael Howell. The release of the "Jacob Miller EP" followed by steady, regional performances created a buzz that pushed his twitter account over 80k followers and racked up 70,000+ youtube views in just weeks.


Jacob's music comes alive in a whole new way when you see him perform. Audiences young and old become fast friends and fans for life when they experience his undeniable talent and charm firsthand. A genuine love for his fans and the stage are apparent; and the chemistry between them is undeniable.